Inn Rooms

Period decorated rooms with modern conveniences starting at $80 – per night week days

Take a look at the variety of newly decorated Inn rooms available. Each has a private bath with modern facilities. For a map by floors, click on this link.

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For questions call 864 459-9625 or email

Rooms by category:

1) single king beds; 11
2) single queen beds; 6
3) Double twin beds; 1
4) Double queen beds; 3
5) Single King Bed Suite with optional Double Queen and optional 2nd King room. 1







  1 comment for “Inn Rooms

  1. kirby grantntham
    July 20, 2015 at 8:12 pm

    I worked for a company that I did outside sales for and Stoll trailers was one of my customers. I always stayed at the hotel and loved, loved every trip there. I tried to get the room with the porch each time I stayed there. Im a true Southener from South Georgia and to stay in the Historic South is such an honor , I cant wait to get back there soon. Keep our history and Flag flying.

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